IBM Center for Applied Insights: The value of smarter social services

IBM Center for Applied Insights: The value of smarter social services

Faced with the demand to deliver better outcomes with increasingly restricted resources, many social organizations are finding that the answer to this challenge is to work smarter – by transforming the way they do business and modernizing their IT systems.

Our roadmap to Smarter Social Services helps social organizations focus on the capabilities that can improve service delivery and focus on outcomes through incremental investment. New research, including detailed econometric analysis, indicates a compelling business case can be made to support that roadmap, showing measurable returns on investment from projects that enhance service delivery capabilities.

Governments around the world are facing daunting economic and social pressures. At every level from local town councils to national administrations, the effort is under way to make better use of limited funds. Social organizations, those that provide services such as income support, pensions, disability programs, employment programs, child protection services or other similar services, are often under increased pressure from politicians and citizens alike. Collectively, these programs often comprise some of the largest portions of a country’s budget, on average 19 percent of GDP for developed countries. The proportion is rising: in 1980, it was only 16 percent, making these programs natural targets for those charged with reducing budget deficits. Added to this is the perceived issue of persistent fraud, waste and error. Even though these losses collectively may only be a small percentage of overall payments, they still represent a significant amount of money and foster a sense of mistrust and...

Source: IBM
20 July 2015